SoL Sister: Rochel Roland – Chief Bath Mixologist

Every month, we bring you profiles of women across America whose commitment to health includes their mind, body, spirit, and community. These inspiring women share stories of how they’ve reinvented their lives and careers, embarked on exciting new life journeys, and found ways for themselves and their families to achieve optimal health.

Today’s SoL Sister is Rochel Roland from Bethesda, MD.

A few years ago, Rochel Roland jettisoned her twenty-year career in the advertising world to launch her own natural bath products company.  She took her passion for mixing and creating, her love of baths and her experience in business and combined them all into the ultimate concoction—the Joyful Bath Co.  As “Chief Bath Mixologist” and founder of Joyful Bath Co., Rochel creates all natural bath soaps and salts with pure, food-grade essential oils that come in luscious scents such as ‘Nilla Buttermilk, Green Tea Glee, Citrus Buzz, and Ginger Snap.

We caught up with this busy entrepreneur about her favorite healthy activities and tips for staying sane in an insane world.

What’s your favorite workout?

I love taking my dogs, Sugar and Twiggy, for long walks, but where I really burn off the steam is with short track speedskating!  My coach and teammates provide me with friendship and hard training that helps keep me sane and gives me lots of reasons to take a nice hot bath.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that our products help make people feel good and that I have an excuse to “concoct”  like I loved to do when I was a kid – only this time make a living doing it!  I’ve always loved tactile things, and have had a passion for chemistry for as long as I can remember.    And since my tag line is, “Did you take a bath today?” I try to make sure that I set an example and enjoy a good soak daily!

What prompted you to develop your own line of bath products?

After I graduated and began my professional career, I still longed to mix and create.  I pursued a Masters in agronomy and the study of the clays, minerals and elements found in soil. During that time I started every morning with one of my favorite things, a bath. Unhappy with the bath products I found on the market, made with too much fragrance, oily residue and filled with unnatural chemicals, it came to me…why not mix clean, organic salts and essential oils and make my own bath potions?

How did you discover SoL?

I was at a trade show scouting opportunities for Joyful Bath Co when I came upon SoLin a dispenser at a trade show booth.  I loved the first cold glass of SoL so much that I went back another 3 or 4 times!  It has a smooth, slightly nutty, lightly sweet taste and it’s really refreshing.  Plus I found out that SoL packs a terrific nutritional punch, making it the perfect drink for me to indulge in after a hard workout.  My muscles recover easier and it really hits the spot after a few hours of hard training.

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