SoL Sister: Lisa Presnail, Pro Photographer and Animal Lover

Every month, we bring you profiles of women across America whose commitment to health includes their mind, body, spirit, and community. These inspiring women share stories of how they’ve reinvented their lives and careers, embarked on exciting new life journeys, and found ways for themselves and their families to achieve optimal health.

SoL Sister: Lisa Presnail of St. Petersburg, Florida

Professional photographer and animal lover Lisa Presnail’s life changed forever when she walked into the local SPCA one day to volunteer.  She immediately noticed how many pit bulls were in the shelter compared to other dog breeds – and almost all of them were very young.  Up to that time, Lisa never gave much thought to pit bulls.  She feared them as many people do.  Once she became a regular volunteer at the shelter, she began noticing that the pit bulls didn’t stay long, but then again, they weren’t listed as adopted either.  She soon devoted herself to doing everything she could to help pit bulls and other abandoned, hard to adopt dogs find loving “forever homes.”

Lisa shares how she combines philanthropic mission with her work, how she stays healthy, and the things in life for which she is most grateful.

1. Tell us about some of the work you’ve done with Pit Stop Bully’s Rescue and The Little Pet Project.

Pit Stop Bully’s Rescue came to our aid when we were newly involved in rescue, and were tasked with saving a severely emaciated dog.  Angel was 18 lbs, but she should have been 50!  She had a broken leg, and the cost to rehabilitate her was going to be enormous.  Ashlie Burke with Pit Stop Bully’s heard about our situation and came over that same day.  She organized two very successful fundraisers, and we were able to get Angel the care she needed to live.  She’s healthy and happy now – and we still have her!

That was our first meeting and collaboration, and in the four years since then we have worked together on various fundraisers, marketing campaigns, her annual holiday card fundraiser and an annual lavish event  called “Party Like A Pinup” to benefit pit bulls.  We also take glamorous shots of homeless dogs to encourage folks to adopt them.

2. How do you stay healthy and happy?  What are your favorite go-to foods to give you energy and make your body feel great?
I am obsessed with roasted soy nuts!   I also crave vegetables and fruits.  Salad is my lunch and dinner mainstay.  I have my share of junk food as well, but I think the excessive veggies help to cancel out the negative impact!

As for beverages, I never drink milk, but absolutely love almond and soy milk.  And I am so excited about SoL!  It’s a welcome addition to the healthy and delicious nondairy “milks” I enjoy so much.

3. What are your secrets for staying fit?

Dog walking!  My job as a photographer is also somewhat physical – I have lots of heavy gear to move around with all day.  I spent 20 solid years obsessed with the gym, fitness, etc. and kind of burned out on it.  Now I work out and watch my diet, but I take a different approach to fitness these days.

4. For what things are you most grateful?

My husband, Art- he is perhaps the most patient and kind person on the planet.  And for my family, my health, and the opportunities that are available to me.

5. How can people learn more about Pit Stop Bully’s Rescue and The Little Pet Project?

Simply go to or

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