Recipe: Oatmeal Applesauce Pancakes

Are you looking for a new pancake recipe to try out this weekend? Generally weekend morning are a little less hectic than they are during the week, hopefully that means you have some extra time to sit down and enjoy breakfast. This is a great recipe that your whole family will enjoy. It is made with healthy, satisfying ingredients to help power you through your day. There are a few healthy swap outs including using unsweetened applesauce and SOL Vanilla Sunflower Beverage.Read More

Recipe: Chocolate Banana Creamsicle

It looks like the warm weather and sunshine are finally here to stay! This guilt-free creamsicle recipe is a great, easy to make treat for those hot summer days. If you have any overripe bananas sitting around use them up by making a batch of these delicious creamsicles. They are a great healthy alternative to the sugar filled popsicles you find at the store. They only require four ingredients and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool!Read More

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Cookies

Memorial Day weekend is almost here! Are you looking for a sweet treat to bring up to the cabin or to share at a BBQ? Whatever your plans are for the long weekend these Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Cookies are sure to be a crowd pleaser. These cookies are made even tastier with SOL Vanilla Sunflower Beverage and as an added bonus each cookie is less than 100 calories.  That means you don’t have to stop at just one!



1 cup margarine

½ cup sugar

½ cup brown sugar

¼ cup SOL Vanilla Sunflower Beverage

1 tsp vanilla

2 ¼ cup flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

1 cup butterscotch chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

With an electric mixer, cream margarine and sugars until light and fluffy.Read More

Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie

Now that the weather is finally warming up, smoothies are making a come back. This recipe is a peanut butter and chocolate lovers dream. It is packed with good for you ingredients that taste delicious and keep you feeling full. It is a great non-dairy option since it is made with SOL Sunflower Beverage istead of milk. SOL is dairy and gluten free and it is made from sunflower kernels, one of nature’s most potent superfoods! Enjoy this delicious smoothie as a meal, a snack or even a dessert.Read More

Banana Berry Oatmeal Bake

This is the perfect recipe if you are looking for a quick and healthy breakfast to enjoy on those hectic weekday mornings! You can prepare it ahead of time and enjoy it throughout the week. It is packed with healthy ingredients that will keep you feeling full and focused.





2 cups old fashioned oats

2 cups SOL Unsweetened Sunflower Beverage

3/4 cup natural maple syrup

1 Tablespoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 large egg

1 Tablespoon vanilla extract

1 banana, peeled and sliced

1 cup strawberries, sliced

1 cup walnuts, chopped

1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.Read More